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Print Job Manager

Print Manager for Business/Education

Print Job Manager can be installed on a single computer, and you will be able to track and manage the printing of all other computers. This print manager software allows you to monitor all printing activity, handle charge-backs, control who is printing, how much is being printed, and identify the cost of printing across your entire organization. This comprehensive print management solution has proved fruitful for Many businesses and educational facilities to understand manage printing costs, and save unwanted costs.

We build for you!

Print Job Manager provides easy software solution for Windows/Unix/Linux print server and non-print server printing environment i.e. direct IP printing or workstation connected printer. The software is designed to provide centralized print management capabilities for businesses and education institutions through advanced print control, print monitor, print counter, print quota and print audit capabilities. This software can be used with any brand type of printer making it global usage software and helps to track and control print jobs sent from Windows/Linux/Unix/Mac OS clients and eliminate unnecessary paper wastage. Billing report generated can be sent in your desired language by email, this report can also be seen from your web browser. This print manager software helps to track - jobs in queue, deleted jobs and actually printed jobs, effectively monitor all printer activity.

advanced print manager

Print Job Manager is the software of choice for the majority of our customers when it comes to print manager software for day-to-day print management and control. Try before you buy with our 30-day free trial that lets you test drive our easy-to-use software to discover how it’s going to fit with your business.

Enterprise & Corporate & SMB

Challenge: A larger company has close to 400 printers installed on Windows Print Servers which are shared. The company needs to keep track of all of their print jobs, help manage document output, control costs, and allocate expenses.
Solution: Print Job Manager was installed on each print server to monitor all printing activities. A report by department is created at the end of each month. For details, see step by step.
Challenge: A mid-size company has 150 printers configured locally (configured as local printer via USB, parallel or Standard TCP/IP port). The company needs to keep track of all of their print jobs.
Solution: Print Job Manager was installed on a computer, and the addon "Print Job Agent" was pushed to those workstations that print to the direct IP printers and locally connected USB printers, then sends all local print job information back to Print Job Manager. A report by user or printer is created at the end of each month.
Challenge: A small company needs a way to block the color printing or set the print restrictions to save printing costs.
Solution: Print Job Manager was installed on a single computer to control the color printing.


Challenge: A university has four print servers, over 1200 computers and 10 separated labs. The university needs to control and reduce printing costs.
Solution: Print Job Manager was installed on each print server and connected to the central SQL database server. Print Job Manager allocates a printing quota to all students and faculty and controls all printing activities automatically. The addon "PrinterAdmin Print Job Agent" was pushed to all workstations with Windows Group Policy. When students print, a popup print notification with remaining quota is displayed for them to confirm the printing. The student can also be required to enter the PIN (and/or username) before the print jobs print.

Professional Client Billing

Challenge: A small architectural firm needs a way to track and account for their in-house printing so that they could transfer the printing expenses associated with project documentation to their clients.
Solution: Print Job Manager was installed on a computer with "Client Billing" feature enabled, and the addon "Print Job Agent" was installed on all other computers. When users print, they are required to select a client code before the print jobs print. A report is created for client billing at the end of each month. For details, see step by step.

Feature Filled!

Every possible feature you require to make your print management done absolutely perfect.

Centralized Print Manager

Print Job Manager can manage all your printer activities, print quotas, print counter and print logs from a single point where all jobs are controlled. It can resume, pause, cancel, restart jobs on different printers at one time. Unclaimed holding job can also be automatically deleted if it stays in the queue too long, so other jobs can move on and print. The administrator can view all jobs, add/remove a user or update user account information (print quota, PIN, group, user status) through Windows or a web browser. The users can view and export their printing history, check the amount of money in their printing accounts or change their pin through a web browser.

Print Job Manager can centrally track and count all types of printing with or without the print server.
1. The printers and plotters on Windows/Unix/Linux print server and shared (Users send the jobs to the shared printer on the print server)
2. The printers and plotters connected to the network directly via the IP address (Users send the jobs to the printer directly via the IP address of the printer)
3. The printers and plotters connected to the workstations locally via USB or LPT cables
4. The printers and plotters connected to the print-server device (e.g., HP JetDirect) print tracking software

Real Time Print Tracking/Monitoring

Print Job Manager can acquire all information related to printing, including username, computer name, printer name, document name, date and time submitted, color, paper size, job size and number of pages. print control software

Assign Print Quotas to User

Print Job Manager keeps track of account quotas (number of pages assigned to users). When print quotas are exceeded, jobs are paused or automatically canceled. Users/Groups can be imported from Windows Active Directory or from a CSV file. The users can also be added to the database automatically when they print first time . Users can check their remaining balance/quotas and change PIN from their workstations. print quotas software

Automated Reporting

Print Job Manager allows you to generate 100 usage reports including 64 default reports and 36 customized reports in any language that can be exported to PDF, Word, Excel and rich text formats, sent by email automatically. The reports are designed for your print cost analysis and client billing. printer usage software

Retrieve Print Counter/Toner Level

The software can scan network and collect printer information including print counter, Ink/toner usage, IP address, model, serial number, MAC address. It may also allow you to reset print counter and serial number remotely. The scan can be run automatically by schedule and print counter & toner level report can be emailed to you daily, weekly or monthly. printer counter

Remote (Web) Account Manager

Administrator can add users and update account information remotely.

User Authentication by PIN

The software provides the user with pop-up notification displaying job related information, including document name, printer name, the total number of pages, cost and user account balance. The authentication agent allows for the prompting of user ID and the PIN code before printing is allowed. Pop-ups are supported on Windows, Mac, or Linux workstations. Windows Active Directory can also be used to authenticate a user using the user's domain user ID and password. The notification and authentication popup supports 25 languages and we can add any language as you request. print notification

Use Project/Job/Client Code

With Print Job Manager, you can bill printer usage to a client code, job code or project code and allocate paper/toner consumption costs to your clients. Users can be required to select a client code, project code or job code before actual printing is allowed. printer accounting

Set Print Rules

Printing is restricted if the job exceeds the maximum allowable print limit specified for a printer or user. Further restrictions can be set by user, computer, document title (e.g., restricted words), color, job size, day/time. Once they hit the restrictions, PrinterAdmin Print Job Trakcer 9.0 will immediately pause or cancel their jobs automatically. limit printing

Set Printing Cost

The software allows the administrator set pre-defined charges for jobs. Charges can be set for each printer and based on number of pages, monochrome/color, single/duplex, and paper size (includes 68 standard paper sizes and 40 definable paper sizes). printing cost

Printer Monitoring

The software includes monitoring of all print servers and printers from a single location. The printer monitor sends email alerts automatically when printer has errors, toner low, out of paper and job have remained in the queue for longer than the pre-defined allowable wait time. printer monitor tool

Backup/View Printed Document

The software can save and archive a copy of all printed documents for viewing. view printed document

Work with Any Brand!

Any printer, MFC and Plotter.

As we said, much more!

Just a few of the many features included, and proved fruitful for Many businesses and educational facilities to understand manage their printing costs, and save unwanted costs.

  • Very easy to use
  • Support any type of printing
  • Support any brand of printer
  • No require to have a print server
  • No need to be run on the server
  • Collect printer meter/toner level
  • Support mobile device printing
  • Support both Domain and Workgroup
  • Alert by toner low/out of paper..
  • Authentication by username and pin
  • Client billing by code
  • Support Windows Active Directory
  • Support MS Access and SQL server
  • User/group/rules management
  • View the content of printed document
  • 100 reports in any language
  • Automatic reports by email
  • Hold and release print job
  • Support Windows/Linux/Unix/Mac
  • Automatically cancel unclaimed printing
  • Reduce wasted printing by 20% - 50%

Coca-Cola For auditing purpose, we implement Print Job Manager to track around 400 printers in which 150 are set up locally with USB, parallel or TCP/IP port. Other are set up on print servers which are shared. PrinterAdmin has allowed us to effectively record all of our print jobs, make it easier to deal with document output, reduce costs, and distribute expenses consequently. We have been satisfied with PrinterAdmin.

Roger Getzmann, Coca-Cola, Switzerland

college Print Job Manager has done a tremendous job on our college campus of lowering printing costs. We evaluated several different print manager software and PrinterAdmin's was certainly the best solution for all our needs. Their technical support has continued to assist us customize their product and the paper and toner savings are more than spend on the application in less than a year. In accordance with the good results of PrinterAdmin’s program we are planning on using this program on two print servers, more than 1000 computers, and 10 independent labs at CNM.

Francis Heise, Central New Mexico College, USA

architecture company In a small architectural firm, the costs related to printing (especially oversized documents) can easily take a sizable bite out of project fees and such a loss can be very difficult to absorb. We needed a way to track and account for our in-house printing so that we could transfer the printing expenses associated with project documentation to our clients. First and foremost, we needed a package that would provide features like tracking by project number and a way for our users to define how to bill the print from their local machine. We looked at several offerings, but found that PrinterAdmin’s Print Job Tracker paired with Print Job Agent fit the bill perfectly.

Michael Laird, Architect, Shaw Hofstra + Associates, USA

library We have been progressing nicely with the Print Job Manager and we are very pleased with it. We now are able to help students with research or school work instead of just dealing with the printers. It has really made a tremendous impact on the library. Students like it too. It prevents a few students from abusing the library privileges. We are no longer kinkos clerks--we are real librarians.

Arlene Morales, Librarian, Midwood High School, USA

Designed for organizations of all sizes!

Many corporations/educational institutions trust us with their print management needs!

Pricing and Licensing

Print Job Manager is licensed per server. It can be installed on a single computer (or server), and you can track and manage the printing of all other computers (users). The license is perpetual (one-time fee for lifetime use).

Features Standard Premium Client Billing
Track network printers on print server
Track print jobs in real time
Capture detail print job information
Track Windows/Linux/Unix/Mac printing
Track mobile device printing
Scan network to collect print counter/tone level/IP/serial number/model
Create print rules
Assign print quotas to user
Set print costs
Monitor printer error/out of paper/tone low
Manage print queue centrally
Cancel unclaimed print jobs automatically
View print job records via web browser
Export print job records
100 reports designed for cost analysis and billing
Generate and email reports automatically
Retrieve printer information (print counter, toner level...)
View and reprint the content of printed documents
Track network printers without print server (IP printers)
Track workstation connected printers via USB, LPT, COM cable
Print notification with detail information
Authenticate users by account/PIN
Check remaining balance/quotas from workstation
Manage account remotely
Print release station for secure printing
Assign project code/client code/job code to a print job
License Standard Premium Client Billing
2 Users & 1 Printer Free $90 $190
5 Users & 2 Printers $90 $190 $290
10 Users & 3 Printers $150 $250 $390
25 Users & 4 Printers $190 $290 $490
50 Users & 5 Printers $290 $490 $690
100 Users & 20 Printers $590 $790 $990
Unlimited Users & Unlimited Printers $990 $1190 $1390
Unlimited Users & Unlimited Printers & Unlimited Print Servers $1890 $2090 $2290

Reduce wasted printing by 20% - 50%!

Printing cost calculator allows you to assess your printing costs and estimated how much you can save (return on investment) with Print Job Manager!

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