PrinterAdmin Print Job Manager 12 Standard Edition



Printer Admin Print Job Manager 12 is licensed per server.  PrinterAdmin Print Job Manager 12 can be installed on a single computer (or server) and you will be able to track and manage printing of all other computers (users). The license is perpetual (one-time fee for long-term use). PrinterAdmin Print Job Manager 12 Standard Edition can manage and track the print jobs sent to the shared printers on the print server \\PrintServer\Printer.


The price covers:


1, One PrinterAdmin Print Job Manager 12 Standard Edition perpetual license (one-time fee for long-term use).

2, The following Add-on that are unlimited in use.

3, 12-month software maintenance and updates (e.g. -> 12.0.0.x).


Number of users is determined by users who use the printer. The users are listed in PrinterAdmin Print Job Manager Preferences --> Users / Groups. The printers are listed in Preferences --> Printers -> List of Monitored Printers.


Pricing Model A (number of users and number of printers)
2 Users & 1 Printer
5 Users & 2 Printers
US $90
25 Users & 4 Printers
US $190
50 Users & 5 Printers
US $290
100 Users & 20 Printers
US $590
150 Users & 25 Printers
US $690
200 Users & 30 Printers
US $790
Unlimited Users & Unlimited Printers
US $990
Unlimited Users & Unlimited Printers & Unlimited Print Servers
US $1890
Pricing Model B (number of users & unlimited printers)
First 10 Users
US $200
Each Additional User
US $8
Pricing Model C (number of printers & unlimited users)
First 6 Printers
US $400
Each Additional Printer
US $60

* Price do not include taxes, where applicable.

Optional Add-On

Print Job Report generates 100 reports in any language for your print cost analysis and client billing.


Print Job Web User  creates an intranet website within your network that allows admin to view all print jobs, add / delete a user or update user account information (print quota, PIN, group, user status) through a web browser. It also allows users to view and export their printing history, check the amount of money in their printing accounts or change their pin through a web browser.