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Wake Me Up When September Ends


These lyrics by Green Day have a lot of meaning to those who work in the education field. September is when all of the issues with the school facilities start and generally aren’t remedied until November. This isn’t the schools fault, or really anyone’s. It just works that way and it takes a little bit of time to get everything up and running as functional as possible.

However, when it comes to the copy room and printing, the nightmare never ends. One copier goes down, they fix it and then two more go down or need ink or start leaving roving spots all along the paper and make it difficult for the teachers to read their lesson plans and the students to read their lessons. Either way, it’s a bad deal all around and no one is happy until it’s fixed—but, as stated before, once one crisis is over another starts with another printer.

One way to make printing easier to do and easier to bear is printer management software. Print management simplifies things and makes it quite a bit easier to maintain your printers and documents without all the normal complications.

With print tracking (a feature of printer management software), you’re able to track the printer usage of every computer and printer and determine how much ink is being used and how much paper is being printed in order to help save your school money. It also shows you which printer is taking the most wear and tear because with print tracking, you’re also able to see when each individual document was printed, how many pages were printed, and who printed it. The only thing you can’t see is why they printed it!

You’re also able to assign each person in the system with their own print quota, making it easier to prevent the waste of supplies and resources, thus saving even more money.

With features like print quota and print tracking, why would you not want to buy this software? Some of the companies offering this software even offer a free trial so that you can decide if you like it BEFORE you buy it!

About PrinterAdmin Software

PrinterAdmin has been developing innovative printer management software since 2003. Our mission is to provide easy-to-use print management solutions for today's complex printing environments. Our products help automate and simplify the administration of printing and reduce printing cost. Our core products are PrinterAdmin Print Job Manager and PrinterAdmin Print Control.

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