Online Demo -- Print Release Station - Secure Printing


PrinterAdmin Print Job Manager 12 has optional add-on Print Release Station that can holds the print jobs until user releases the jobs. It can also be installed on an admin's computer for admin to approve the print job or installed next to the printers for user to enter pin code to release their print jobs and pick up the printed document right away.


Print Release Station provides you easy print control and has admin mode and user mode.


* The print jobs can be released in admin mode by a "super user".


* The print jobs can be released in user mode without entering the user's identity or password.


* The print jobs can be released in user mode by entering Windows Active Directory account and password.


* The print jobs can be released in user mode by entering Account and PIN defined in PrinterAdmin Print Job Manager Preference --> Users / Groups.


* The print jobs can be released in user mode after user makes payment. The self-support payment collection by coins, cards, bill

self-service systems are most suitable.


In this demo, PrinterAdmin Print Job Manager is installed on one computer with computer name: server1.


Step 1. Follow the instructions in PrinterAdmin Print Job Manager 12 Demos -- Print Tracking / Auditing in Windows / Unix / Linux Print Server Environment how to setup the printers. If you have already done that, skip this step.

Step 2. In Preferences --> Advanced, select "Enable Print Release Station" and click Printer button to add printers.

print control 1

Step 3. Install addon Print Release Station software on a computer that can be used as Print Release Station.



Step 4. On the Print Release Station, choose Start -> Printers and Faxes (or Devices and Printers). click Add a printer to add the network printers.


print control 4


Step 5. Click Start -> All Programs -> Print Release Station -> Print Release Station to run Print Release Station for the first time. If Preferences window doesn't appear, click menu Print Jobs -> Preferences.


Step 6. In Preferences, enter the computer name of PrinterAdmin Print Job Manager, click Connect, then click Get Settings to get printer information (Printer Name, Base Cost, Duplex % and Color %) from the PrinterAdmin Print Job Manager.

print control 2

Step 7. Send a print job from a client computer. The print job will be hold in Print Release Station -> Waiting Jobs.



Print Release Station has Admin Mode and User Mode. To switch to user mode, click menu Print Jobs -> Switch to user mode.


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