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PrinterAdmin Software creates printing efficiency with its suite of printer management software with a design for reducing cost and increasing productivity. Printer counter, print logs, print quotas, print accounting, print audits and adjustable security settings to prevent waste and unauthorized use are key features of our software. We have provided our solution to thousands of businesses and educational institutions. Our solutions have in turn improved work control, reduced costs and increased efficiency.




Centralized Printer Manager and printer monitorPrinter Admin - Print Job Manager 9.0 

Printer Admin - Print Job Manager 9.0 is a powerful centralized printer manager / printer counter / printer monitor that help automate and simplify the administration of printing for Windows print server printing environments, remote IP printing environments (users send the print jobs to the printer directly via the IP address of the printer) and local printing environment (users send the print jobs to the printer that is connected to their workstation locally). The software doesn't require you to have a print server in order to track print jobs and the software doesn't have to be installed on the print server if you use print server. It is an easy to use print management software that allows you to manage, control, track, count, audit, quota and restrict printing sent from Windows / Linux / Unix / Mac OS clients, monitor all your printers from a single location and send alert by email, log and audit printing activity, analyze and monitor printing costs, charge the print jobs by entering the billing code, confirm and authenticate printing on the workstation before they actually print, eliminate wasted paper and reduce printer maintenance time. It can be installed on any computer (either a print server computer or a non print server computer). Printer Admin Print Job Manager 9.0 can scan network printers and collect printer inventory information including printer IP address, printer model, printer counter, toner level, serial number, MAC address. It may also allow you to reset printer counter and serial number remotely. The reports can be created in any language and sent by email automatically. The reports can also be viewed from the web browser. More Information

A printer manager software that centralized hold and release the print jobsPrinter Admin - Print Control 7.0

Printer Admin - Print Control 7.0 is a print control software that centralized hold and release the print jobs. It allows libraries / schools / colleges / universities to manage, control and recover printing costs and charge for their patrons / students printing, and reduces print volume and wasted paper by eliminating accidental, unnecessary, or abusive printing. More Information

copy management software

Printer Admin - Copier Control 2.0

Printer Admin Copier Control 2.0 is a powerful centralized copy counter & copy manager that help automate and simplify the administration of copier or MFC (Multi Functional Copier). It is an easy to use copy management software that allows you to monitor and track all copying activity, charge the copy jobs by entering the account number (PIN), control and authenticate who is copying, how much is being copied, analyze and identify the cost of copying and and eliminate wasted paper across your entire organization. More Information

A print management tool that allows you to generate and view 100 reports in any language for your print cost analysis and client billingPrinter Admin - Print Log 4.0

Printer Admin - Print Log 4.0 is a part of printer management software which allows you to generate and view 100 reports including 64 default reports and 36 customized reports, and provides the ability to export these reports to Adobe-PDF, MS-Word, MS-Excel and Rich Text formats. These reports are originally written in English, but can be easily translated into any language such as French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish etc. by translating some strings which takes just a few minutes. When using with Printer Admin - Print Job Manager, it is able to generate / email reports automatically and create web reports automatically. The reports are designed for your print cost analysis and client billing, and are compatible with Printer Admin print control and printer usage tracking software. You can use it to remotely connect to your print job database to generate and view reports from any computer. More Information  

Unlocks the hidden power of your printerPrinter Admin - Print Watermark 1.0 

Printer Admin - Print Watermark 1.0 helps you to capture the printer power. User name, computer name, day, time and page count can be added to the footer or header area of printed document from all your applications! User can also create overlays and add multi-line watermarks and watermark texts on each paper sheet. More Information  




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