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Print Job Manager - Monitors all printing activity, controls who’s printing and how much is being printed, identifies the costs of printing across your entire organization, allows secure print by PIN or card at the printer, eliminates wasted paper, and reduces your printing costs.

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Print Release Station - Keeps print jobs paused until released manually by a user or administrator. English     Español     Français     Português     日本語     中文简体 

Print Watermark / Header / Footer - Adds the user name, computer name, day, time, page count, watermark or any string to your printed document from all your applications. English
Printer Meter Reading and Toner Monitor  - Automatically collects printer meter and sends low toner alarms. English
Copier Tracking System - Centralized Copier Manager / Copy Tracking / Copy Accounting / Copy Control / Copy Quotas / Copy Authentication / Client Billing. English

User Guide

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Print Job Manager Quick Start Guide - English  

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Guida Rapida - Italiano

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Print Release Station English English English
Print Watermark / Header / Footer English    
Printer Meter Reading and Toner Monitor English    
Copier Tracking System English