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What is Print Audit Software?


It’s first quarter again and you’ve just given an internship to a young college kid looking to move up in the world. The intern is smart, knows that she’s doing when it comes to writing. She’s amazing! Awesome! Awe inspiring! But she isn’t too savvy when it comes to printing. Instead of printing one copy of the paper, she somehow types in 100. So now your printer has one hundred copies of the paper shooting out, backing up five urgent documents you needed to have ready to be turned in five minutes from now. Now, if you stop the printer, then you won’t get your jobs until you cancel hers—if it even cancels this time.

You could take her internship away, or make her scrub the toilets with a toothbrush. But the thing is…this has happened before even with more seasoned employees. So what’s a solution?

Print audit software. It controls the print quota of every employee (for example, if Betty generally types about fourteen pages per each document, and she types four documents per day on average, you’d give her a maximum print quota of fifty six and maybe a few extras in case the printer runs out of ink, paper, etc. If she’s having an excellent day and happens to have an extra document, you can authorize it and let her print that extra document, print quota aside.), helps you keep a hold on ink and paper levels, and print tracking so that you know who is printing what at what time. With print tracking, you also find out who prints at about what time and if they may need a few more pages for their assignments.

When you use print management for business software, you save money on ink and other supplies, because your employees can’t just go crazy, printing everything from yard sale flyers to birthday announcements, since they have their print quota to prevent them from doing to. Knowing the printer usage of each printer also allows you to get a better idea of the printer’s upkeep and allows you to figure out which printer is used the most, and at which peak times. That way you know about when to make sure it is well stocked with paper, ink, etc and when the most issues may occur during the print cycle.


About PrintLimit LLC

PrintLimit LLC provides easy-to-use print management software that allows you to monitor all printing activities, handle charge-backs, control who is printing, how much is being printed, and identify the cost of printing across your entire organization.