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Copier Tracking System 2.0






PrinterAdmin Copier Tracking System 2.0 is a powerful central copier counter & copier manager that help automate and ease the control of  MFC (Multi Functional Copier) or photocopier. It is an user friendly copying control program that allows you to monitor and keep track of every copying activity, bill the copying by inputting the account number, control and validate who is actually copying, the quantity is getting copied, evaluate and identify the expense of copying and reduce wasted paper throughout your entire organization. It has debit setting and credit setting. With the debit setting, PrinterAdmin Copier Tracking Software keeps track of account quotas (number of copies assigned to users). Whenever user quotas are exceeded, copy jobs are canceled automatically. In credit setting, if the number of copies exceeds the utmost allowable limit per copy session defined for a copier, copy jobs are terminated immediately. In either settings, the system will keep track of every copy made and save them in the database including: copier name, name of the user who copy, quantity of copies made, total cost, time and date.


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