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Print Watermark / Header / Footer unlocks the hidden power of your printer. With Print Watermark / Header / Footer you can easily add username, computer name, day, time and page count to the footer or header area of a printed document from all your applications. Print Watermark / Header / Footer is a useful tool to help print business papers. It allows for the customization of who, where, and when it was printed so a lost document can be easily found and given to the right person.

Key Features:

1. Prints username, computer time and date on the header or footer of any document from all applications and users can identify their documents.


2. Add watermarks. This setting enables you to print 'CONFIDENTIAL' or any other words on each page as a watermark.


3. Define the rules for header and footer (first page/each page, first sheet/each sheet.)


4. Set left/center/right alignment for headers and footers.




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