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Print Management Guide


1. Step-by-Step Guide for Print Management


Step 1: Install Print Management

Step 2: Open Print Management

Step 3: Add and remove print servers

Step 4: View Printers

Step 5: Saving a custom view 

Step 6: Manage Printers


Automatically Installing Printers to the Local Print Server


Using Print Management for Bulk Print Management Tasks


Updating Device Drivers


Listing and Removing Printers in Active Directory


Exporting a List of Printers and Displayed Columns


Deploying Printers to Users or Computers by using Group Policy


Step 7: Troubleshoot Printers


Using the Printer Web Page


Setting E-mail Notifications


Setting Server Notifications


Printing a Test Page


Using Scripts


Step 8: Troubleshoot Print Management


2. Microsoft Print Migrator




Merging and Overwriting Printer Configurations 


Full Command Line Operation


Using Print Migrator


Special Considerations

3. Printer Drivers Overview


4. How Can Students Use Print Quota Efficiently


5. Printer Fonts Overview


6. Printer Properties Overview


7. Enabling Printer Location Tracking


8. Assigning Printer Permissions


9. Manage Printers From a Browser


10. Manage Printer


11. Search Printer


12. Use Advanced Options


13. Print Job Manager Guide (English   Español   Français   Português   Italiano   Deutsch    中文   日本語)


14. Others


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