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PrinterAdmin Print Job Report is an add-on of Print Job Manager, Print Release Station or Copier Tracking System. You can use Print Job Report to remotely connect to the database to generate and view reports from any computer. The reports are designed for your print / copy cost analysis and client billing. When using with PrinterAdmin Print Job Manager, it is able to generate / email reports automatically and create web reports automatically.

System Requirements

Operating System          Windows 32-bit / 64-bit

CPU                                 300 Mh or higher

Memory                          129 MB or more

Hard Disk Free Space    5 MB

If Print Job Report and PrinterAdmin printer management software (PrinterAdmin Print Job Manager or PrinterAdmin Print Release Station) are installed on the same computer, the database file 'printSaver.mdb' is located in the installation folder of PrinterAdmin printer management software (e.g. C:\Program Files\PrinterAdmin Software\PrinterAdmin Print Job Manager). If you install Print Job Report and PrinterAdmin printer management software on different computers, you can share the database folder from the computer where PrinterAdmin printer management software is installed, Print Job Report can connect to the shared database remotely (on the second computer) to generate reports. (e.g. \\PrinterAdmin Print Job Manager Computer Name\Shared Database Folder\printSaver.mdb

    PrinterAdmin Print Job Report   

Select the Database

Click the button to select the Print Job Manager database that is located in the installation fold of Print Job Manager. The database name is printSaver.mdb .

Define a Time Frame

The default is from the first day of the month to today's date.

Generate Reports

Generate Reports at the defined time frame.

View a Report

Select a Report to view.